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Final round of bands announced for MDF 2015 earlier today, along with a list of where the bands would be playing.







We are working with headfirstrecs to do something worth doing. All money made from these shirts will go directly to those facing charges as a result of the Ferguson protests. I’m sorry we can’t do more. For more information, follow the link provided:

i need this


got a little under a week left on these! pick one up! thanks to all those that have purchased one! by my rough guestimate up to at least $50  raised thusfar in just a couple days.

issuing their debut EP on vinyl for the first time later this summer!

dunno this band but gonna check it out after this. sick cause. sick shirt. just ordered one. do it!

awesome!  you can download their EP and stream it here:

good label + good band + good cause. do it do it do it.


Detroit! Don’t miss Our own #fullofhell and #homewrecker ripping it with #offeatherandbone #magrudergrind and a ton of great bands today. Whatever you do tho DONT call it a fest!

If you’re in Detroit, it would be stupid to miss this.

Couple new(ish) samplers from NO SLEEP RECORDS

Here are a couple FREE samplers from NO SLEEP RECORDS that can be downloaded from the label bandcamp page:

Summer of No Sleep - quick 8 track sampler, featuring Moose Blood, Aviator, The Felix Culpa, Lee Corey Oswald, Allison Weiss, Drew Thomson, Chris Farren, and Grey Gordon

Death to False Music: Volume 1
- “28-song sampler features a selection of fan favorites and deep cuts from the label’s burgeoning family of bands like Allison Weiss, Balance and Composure, Rescuer and Battle Lines, among others”

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